The ∞ looks at design as a tool to raise cultural empowerment.
It tries to do so believing in contextual values to be globally connected.
It looks at tradition as a source of knowledge and inspiration although believes that old borders no longer work. ∞ has an intentional inclination to the future which ∞ wants to be part of. ∞ does not stand for commodified design but engages in projects, concepts and practices with the intention to open the narrowed monogamic views in the practice. It treats each of us as intelligent beings, critical towards our present and hopeful for our future. It evokes a poetically contextualised narrative in order to open the space for appropriation. ∞ fragments reality to create punctual acts of resistance for a global mindset.

As an individual, I am interested in the socio-cultural and political wellbeing of my close community which is no longer so close by. The more globally connected I became the more I appreciated belonging in all its contradictory sides. I have a strong connection with nature -back to basics- with a strategic view of technology, discoveries and new questions. Anyhow, I am aware of the importance of the stakes in the global picture but I practice the solution on my small scale. I am tired of those massive messages, empty of reality, instead, I want to explore, be surprised and challenged, not only pleased by what I live.  Most of all I value smart simplicity and functionality, quality and values in the things I do and buy. I want to believe in the power of small interventions if synchronised, grounded in a context, have a positive impact on the global scheme, therefore, I try to organise within my surroundings in actions or organisations.